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Create Virtual Workshops


Pam Brossman you are amazingly supportive

Anna Oliveira 

Pam, your attention to detail, including monitoring how our Create Virtual Workshop group is doing all day long and responding a.s.a.p., is stellar! Your standards are so high…it shows and I’m grateful for it.

If you ever get a chance to take a course with KBB member, Pam Brossman, jump on that opportunity. That’s what I did and it’s been amazing and a life saver for me. I’ve been really stuck on wanting to do virtual workshops but wondering how the heck to do them. Pam saw the need with a number of us in KBB and put together a beta course that I luckily saw. It’s becoming a game changer for me. She’s the real deal trainer/teacher/knowledge broker. She knows her stuff and is great at relaying it and offering up a mixture of knowledge, support, information, and a ton of tough love. Thank you sooooo much, Pam! —  feeling grateful.

Mary Wilmer 

I am so happy to be a part of this group. I feel like I’ve learned a lot already. I’m, ready to take action!

Jamie Brydon-Jack

I can’t believe the value Pam, this far outweighs anything that I ever envisaged. You are truly fantastic and an incredibly talented lady. You Rock.

Next big win, Pam Brossman, sooo excited, that on-line magazine you put me onto have asked me to do an article!!!!!

Everyone, these opportunities are coming to me because I did as Pam said and got visible. Even if you’re unsure or nervous just start doing it, the longer you hide behind your keyboard the longer it will take to you succeed.

Linda Nicol Nov 2019

So glad I am in Pams “Create Virtual Workshop” !! Pam is incredible and we are all getting stacks of gold as we niche our target avatar and get ready for week 2…… Pam is an expert and thrilled to be in her 1st launch. If you are struggling with ideas…. check out Pam’s course…… we get so much support as to ideas for our workshop and she has an action policy so we are doing constantly and will be all set to launch at the end of week 4 ❤️  I can tell you we are getting incredible mentoring , help on our topics ……. hand holding …. this woman knows her stuff and is all about ACTION…. perfect for those that are letting fear hold them back. 

Thankyou Pam …. you have taken the overwhelm away …..success leaves clues is one of Pam’s favourite sayings and it is so true when you know where to look and understand the strategy of marketing…… We are ending week 1 and so excited to launch after 4 weeks.

Robyn Jordan

Opening up my creative mind! ?Thankyou Pam. I’m loving this so much! It’s great to see everyone’s ideas and the brainstorming taking place, not to mention your inspiration, recommendations & expertise ❤️??

Cathy Carr

You’re pushing me already and we haven’t started yet. ?yaks. Agree you have done so much work on this Pam. I’m so excited.  Create Virtual Workshops 2019.

Lynda Parker 

AMEN Mary Wilmer – agree 1000 gazillion% Pam is THE BEST. She is constantly supporting, mentoring and teaching so beautifully- and that’s before she adds UNTOLD value and surprises – We love you Pam! 🙂

Susie Cameron