Woo Hoo I am so excited that you have decided to join the Brand New Expertise Products 90 Day Online Mentoring Program starting 16th June. Please note details of your purchase are included on your receipt, and your receipt can be used for claiming for tax purposes if required.

Next Steps:

  • You will be sent a link second week of June to join the private FB Group where all our live training will be held.
  • There is an affiliate program for this program, if you would like to participate and promote please email and I will send you details so you can start earning commissions before you even create your own programs ‘Earn while you Learn’.
  • Yes, you will have access to group live Q&A’s with me for 1 hour every week to answer your questions. More details on the structure will be shared the week prior to our first mentoring session together
  • Yes you will have access to all the pre-recorded training to do in your own time and live training to help you get your expertise products designed and built ready to sell online and offline
  • Any modules and bonus training in regards to the Expertise Products 90 Day Mentoring will be given to you once the program begins.
  • If you wish to upgrade to the VIP Program [if it is not already sold out], please send me an email and we can organise an upgrade.
  • Any questions email prior to commencing June 18th 2018
  • Please note: There is a 7 day refund period after purchase, otherwise you are committed for the 90 day program.

Expertise Products VIP Members

  • You will receive a separate email with details on accessing your bonuses plus scheduling in your one on one sessions
  • Dates for our 1 day Marketing Mastermind will be sent to you 6weeks prior so you have plenty of time to organise your flights etc if required
  • Access to the Best Seller Influence program and Best Seller group will be given at the end of the 90 Days so you stay focused on your Expertise Products outcomes
  • Your DFY set-up can be accessed when you are ready to upload your programs email and we will get that started
  • Any modules and bonus training in regards to the Expertise Products 90 Day Mentoring will be given to you once the program begins.

Please Be Mindful Of The Following Rules For Everyone Participating in Any Of My Mentoring Programs

  • No swearing allowed at any time! So leave that at the door… no exceptions!
  • Negative or aggressive people. Constructive feedback only and positive ‘I Can’ attitude is a pre-requisite to remaining in my programs
  • Stealing other people’s ideas. Trust is very important in this community. We encourage collaboration as it is the fastest way to the top, so no need to copy each other.
  • No promoting or affiliate links at any time without prior permission within the group
  • No live streaming or sharing videos within the group unless organised in advance. We do not need more noise or clutter. Focused action is what this group is about…. less noise is where the magic happens!
  • No question is ever a dumb question, so join in, have fun and help each other and get ready to start your success momentum in 2018.

I can wait to get started.  Keep your eyes open for updates 2 weeks prior [Expertise Products 18th June Participants] and if you have any friends or clients that you think are perfect for the program send them to so they can join us.

Pam Brossman
Expertise Marketing Speaker, Author & Mentor
Founder of Elite Woman | Expertise Products | Best Seller Influence

My book is my soul baring life story. So can you imagine how I felt when MY story hit NUMBER ONE? Achieving Best Seller is beyond surreal. Now that I’ve achieved this, I KNOW I can achieve ANYTHING.

Pam’s course, her strategy, her one on one mentoring was everything I needed it to be and more. Pam has the knowledge, the experience but importantly she has a passionate heart that committed completely to helping me to rise as high as I could. Pam never left my side during my launch process and I am so grateful. Thanks Pam.

Melissa Churcher Nov 30 2017