30 Ways To Make Money Online

 Strategy #11

Referral Marketing

Do you sell your own programs or services from your blog or website?

Have you set up your own affiliate program so that your students can bring you more customers and ‘earn while they learn’?

That is one of my most lucrative traffic sources for my programs, student referrals. I mean it is not rocket science is it?

You will be amazed at how many people are not asking their existing happy customers, clients or students if they would like to earn another income stream by being an affiliate for their programs.

If you are targeting the B2B [Business to Business] market or Business To Blogger market and you have an email list of happy clients and customers, then this is an amazing new income stream for you and your business.

ThriveCartIf you don’t have an affiliate program you can check out the one I use in my business. This shopping cart is an all in one, which is why I love it. It includes:

  • Shopping cart for digital programs
  • eCommerce shopping cart
  • Bump offers [one click upsells]
  • Product funnels [upsells, downsells]
  • Replacement purchases [they buy your first offer and then change it for the higher priced program instead]
  • Coupons – this has been HUGELY successful for my own business
  • Built in tracking and analytics
  • PLUS, their own affiliate program that connects to all of the above

This shopping cart is new and is by invitation only, because at the moment you can get Lifetime Access for a limited time before it goes to monthly.

If you want to check it out, watch the video and see if this is perfect for your business.

Perhaps it is time to start selling your own programs with affiliates too!

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