30 Ways To Monetise Your Expertise

Strategy #15

Selling your own Printables is a great way to make an income from your Expertise including:

  • Workbooks
  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Planners – see my 90 Day Printable Success Planner as an example
  • Wall art
  • Quotes & Sayings – these are really popular on Pinterest, Etsy and Shopify Stores
  • Calendars
  • To Do Lists

Self Publishing Both Physical, Printables & Audio Books

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Another income stream which I have personally made very successful is self publishing books on Amazon and then selling them on your own website giving you two separate income streams.

Those who like to buy on Amazon will grab a copy of your digital or physical book on their platform and you can get a 70% commission on book sales globally. You can check out all my books on my Author Central page to get an idea of how I leverage Amazon to grow my business.

You can have your videos, your business and bio details, photos and even RSS feed your own blog on the #1 Expert Platform in the world AMAZON.

Plus, you can sell the .pdf version of your book as well as the audio version of your book. I like to give my audio book away for free as a gift to my readers, as most women like to listen. Also a lot of my readers like to highlight quotes or action steps throughout my books as they go along, which is why the .pdf version is also a great option.

A good rule of thumb is to ask your readers how they like to consume their books or content. These days you can even put QR codes where people can listen to you or watch your videos. My husband Steve Brossman put videos in his very first book and people loved it.

These days your books don’t have to be black and white.When you buy my books they are all in colour and on brand. I don’t like boring books.  There is no limit as to what is possible. Be like me just get creative and have fun.

I did this recently with my latest #1 Best Seller “Elite Woman”. You can grab your Free Workbook that goes with the book as well as the Audio, plus one of my ‘Positive Habits 2019 Calendar Printables’ to see how you can do this with your own self published books.

Creating workbooks or downloadable printables with your self published books on Amazon is a great idea because it allows you to get your readers onto your own email list where you can continue to build a relationship with them ongoing.

You will always see a lead magnet or free gift at the front of all my books on Amazon and it is a strategy I teach in my Best Seller Influence program.

Doing a book series is also another way to make multiple streams of income.  I have over 100 #1 Best Selling students and one of their most favourite thing to do is Short Read book series.

Short Reads have become very popular whereby you teach one subject or perhaps create a FAQ of your most frequently asked questions in your business or passion and turn it into chapters.  You only need about 15,000 – 20,000 words in  Short Read books [so easy to do].

Or if your expertise or passion is very visual,perhaps like cooking, you can have more pictures than text. And turn it into a series of books with all your other books linked at the back of each book in the series, so that people keep on buying more and more of your books.

This is how you create a following and eventually they can’t wait for your next book to come out, and they also start sharing your books topics with their friends and that is how you grow another stream of income.

If you are a blogger and already have a lot of traffic coming to your website, then this is perfect for you. If you are interested in learning how to create Short Reads for your blog, make sure to sign up to my blog below, because I have a brand new program launching in 2019 teaching Bloggers how to make money from their own books while positioning their blogging expertise as an Expert on Amazon at the same time.

Self publishing on Amazon is fun! If you want help you can grab my Best Seller Influence program and get started today.

self publishing
self publishing
self publishing
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Pam Brossman

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