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How to leverage Interview Marketing Strategies to grow your business and brand.

Interviewing other people, who are either in your industry or niche, or have the same target market as you can be a very lucrative and strategic way of growing your business. Here are a few strategies that you can set up that will be a win/win for both you the interviewer and the person who is the guest on your show.

But before I go into the income generating strategies let’s cover the different ways that you can interview people…

Different Ways To Interview People For Maximum Exposure

  1. Live stream interviews are really popular at the moment especially on platforms like Facebook. You can leverage tools like BeLive.TV or Zoom.com to host these interviews on Facebook. Or, you can add people into your conversations for Free while on your mobile devices.
  2. Pre-recorded videos are another way to interview people. This is popular when you want to be able to edit it before it gets shown and add in your calls to action which we will discuss in a minute.
  3. Podcast interviews are huge at the moment and a lot of people are actually using their pre-recorded video interviews, taking out the audio and re-purposing them on their podcast. That is a great way to leverage your content and get maximum reach across many platforms.
  4. Face to Face interviews at events, or if you have your own studio, TV shows are also becoming very popular online.
  5. Blog interviews whereby you send your guest some questions and they answer them for you to be able to share on your blog posts

Which one is your favourite medium for doing interviews? Please share in the comments below.

How To Monetise Your Interviews

There are many ways to monetise your interviews. Here are a few of my favourites:

  1. If they are doing a product launch at the time, then promote their product as an affiliate
  2. If they are doing a book launch then make sure to create a pretty link with your Amazon Associate Affiliate link. You never know what they will buy in that one session that could add to your affiliate sales. Specifically on Podcasts, Blog Interviews and YouTube channels for ongoing traffic.
  3. If you already have a big following on your blog, social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Some people will actually approach you and offer to do an interview to your audience and pay you for that exposure for their business and brand. Sponsorship model.
  4. You can also do ads throughout the interview promoting a specific offer or coupon for your listeners that you either could be affiliated to, or ad huge value to your loyal following.
  5. Reciprocation interviews where you agree to have them on your show as an affiliate and they do the same by having you on their show for one of your own product launches or programs

Sometimes it is nice to interview people for no other reason but to help them with a book launch, event, product launch or to share their zone of genius with the world. The more you support others… the more doors of opportunity and gratitude comes your way.

Which strategy are you going to try first and what is your favourite interview platform for listening to other people’s interviews?

  • iTunes
  • YouTube
  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Other?

Share your favourite interview preference in the comments I would love to know how you like to absorb your content.

Watch the video below for a few more tips and strategies for leveraging interviews to grow your business, brand and bank balance.

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