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Printable Planners, & Printable Weekly Calendars Are Hot!

Weekly Planner PrintableWhy Printable Planners, Calendars & Personal Planners are popular?

One of the main reasons that printables are taking off is the cost of shipping. With postage costs going through the roof, in fact usually costing more than the purchased item itself, people wanted to find an easier way to still get the same product at a more affordable price.

That allows the creators to be able to design absolutely beautiful printable planner pages, calendars, personal planners and workbooks at the fraction of the cost because they no longer have to worry about delivery costs and people love them.

These days just about everyone has a colour printer at home and you can purchase your printable planner, grab a beautiful folder and then use it over and over again.

One of my favourites is the Action Planner or Daily ‘To Do’ Worksheets [which I will be designing very soon].  I call them Clip Board Action Planners.

You can even get these really funky Clip Board Boxes to keep everything all together and then just have your weekly action plan on the front… so cool.

Here is what is included in the Printable Success Planner which has been specifically created for women entrepreneurs and bloggers to focus on getting results every day in their business.

  • 200 Colour Guided Planner Pages
  • Commitment Form & Why Statement
  • 90 Day Income Planner & Daily Wealth Tracker
  • Your Perfect Day & Your Future Self
  • Group Promotional Day List
  • #Tag Marketing List
  • Monthly Business Planner
  • Daily Focused Action Priority To Do Lists
  • Monthly Positive Habit Targets
  • Social Media & Marketing Planner
  • Weekly Outsourcing & Delegation Planner
  • Activities, Doodle & Brain Dump Idea Pages
  • Note Pages For Daily Journaling & Motivational Quotes & Affirmations

To celebrate the launch of the new Printables 90 Day Success Planner I am doing a super duper special offer. It normally sells for $19.97, for a very short period of time you can grab the Weekly Planner Printable plus Print Monthly Calendar for only $8.88 with the coupon code: MOMENTUM19

Here is what some of my 90 Day Success Planner Lovers had to say…

“The planner is gorgeous. It’s bright and clear not over loaded with stuff. Not too much colour which can be distracting. Love it. Well done 

Zoe Buckley

“I absolutely love it. I use it every day in my business and I have also bought one for my girlfriends who wanted one as soon a they saw mine.  Fantastic if you like accountability in your day to day business.”

Sherilyn Matthias

It is handy and stylish. More importantly it actually incorporates the actions I need to take as the planner – so no more procrastination about what to do. Everything is in one place and it is set up as a real business planner not a hobby.

I moved house over the weekend and most of last week. Yesterday and today I actually had time on my boat trip into the city to spend some quality time with my planner. Such inspiration!

For the next 65 days, energetically, it is full steam ahead forward motion. GOSH I AM EXCITED!

Cheryl Mckenzie

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