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5 Steps To Simple Self-Publishing On Amazon

1. Plan
Figure out your Purpose and Pay-off. If you are not sure how to do this you can watch my free 3 Day Best Seller Clarity training here:

2. Prepare
This is where you map out a very simple 5-7 chapter Short-read recipe to follow. Think 15-20k outcome based books, or education, motivation, inspiration or stories.

3. Produce
Write your chapters and make sure to think of your ideal reader and how you can help them move forward with your wisdom, expertise, life experiences or message.

4. Package
Get a cover, include links based on your pay-off (watch free training above) and format ready to upload onto Amazon.

5. Self-publish
Publish your book on Amazon and you my step-by-step Simple launch sequence to make it a Best Seller.

Turn into a Print book, Audio Book or Rinse and repeat.

Too easy!

Want me to help you do it step-by-step?

Come join the 8 week self publishing online program in Feb.
Watch the video and see if now is the perfect time to…

  • Share your story in a book
  • Position your expertise up on Amazon
  • Leverage amazon to grow you list and brand
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Become A Best Selling Author

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Self Publishing Amazon
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