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About Pam Brossman

Pam Brossman is a leading international digital marketing expert with a passion for online communications. She is highly regarded for her upbeat approach to empowering women to effectively promote their careers, and their products and services through the power of digital mediums. Professionals from all walks of life seek her advice and encouragement as they broaden their skill set and global brand.

Before her roles as CEO of "She Experts," and CEO and editor-in-chief of "Social Media Woman" magazine, Pam excelled in corporate communications for 25 years. When she gave birth to her son Hunter, Pam sought to achieve total control of her lifestyle and schedule. She left the corporate world for a new endeavor where she would not have to compromise her talents and passions for online marketing, branding and communications.

With a deep love for helping other people, Pam has built up a client base that appreciates her fresh and innovative approach. Primarily, she teaches women how to market themselves and their businesses globally using multiple digital communication tools and marketing mediums.

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