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My vision is to help more women reach their personal and financial goals while learning, growing and making a bigger impact at the same time. If you are ready to step up, become a centre of influence and a leading personal brand in your industry then I would love to help you turn your knowledge into an elite brand online.

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You can no longer afford to follow the herd. If you want to become an Elite Brand, you have to step up and uplevel your business, brand and product suites.

With over 13 years experience as a global brand online, 13 #1 Amazon Best Sellers and selling well over a million of my own products globally, I know what it takes to create an Elite Brand Online.

If you are a driven, dedicated, success oriented woman who is on a mission to make a bigger impact while growing a global brand at the same time, then you are in the right place.

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I have been using the Momentum 90 day  Success Planner & I Can Planner for 70 days so far.  In that time I have released a number 1 best-selling book, created new online training content and boosted revenue by 14%.  I believe writing down all my 90 day goals, focusing on them multiple times a day through this planner and holding myself accountable has truly increased my success.  I like the way the planner keeps me organized and I feel like this is a book of my work that I will keep as a special reminder of what I can achieve when I truly focus on my goals and don’t let procrastination in. The motivational quotes are a nice reminder that I can achieve incredible things in 90 days.

Megan Wolfenden December 2018

I Can Planner
I Can Planner

There are some mentors that you’re destined to meet… For me…Pam Brossman was one of the them…Unknowingly, at the time…My book was a bit of a disaster… I hired the wrong people at the wrong time…But luckily…Not only did Pam help me rewrite From Anxiety to Ironman… She also made me see the book was bigger than my own story…At a deeper level… It was about impacting other people…To help inspire and motivate them…To do and be more.

Ivan Radonic #1 Best Selling Author



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