You may not even have to do this anymore… YAY
When I created this tutorial there was not really any way to do audio only without using the Presenter Tool which I shared with you in a previous blog post.
However, people wanted more flexibility with audio across all the social media sizes and platforms and Canva listened. So now you can have audio only using the new Video Editor that came out in August. You can watch the updated Canva Video  Editor Tutorial here.
Having said that, this hack is still pretty clever and you may find lots of different ways you can do this.
On a side note, someone mentioned that you can even made the video completely transparent and do it that way too. I have not tried this personally, but you can have a play and see what works for you.
With video now becoming the preferred medium across all major platforms outside of podcasting and other audio platforms, Canva is updating their tools just about every month with new exciting features.
Some of them are with the Free version of Canva, and others are with Canva Pro which I have. You can take Canva Pro for a test drive for 30 days and see if you like it. Just click here.

Have you tried the new Canva Websites yet? So cool, I even have some ready made Click Me Pages templates click here to watch the video to learn more.

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Would love to show you some of the things I have created using your templates!! They have fast tracked everything  for me and I can still make them my own and add my own flare to them. I think you have some of the best templates out there. They are so professional and versatile so thanks again for creating them!!! I have seen a lot of other template packages out there being sold, but I would come back to you over and over again because yours truly give me so many options and look so professional!!


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Pam Brossman

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