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Definition Of An Expert:

A person who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a particular area.

Is That You?

So many women have a fear of calling themselves an Expert. They think that it is a word that is saved for the few who went to University and got a degree, Doctor, Lawyer, or maybe even a CEO of a business.

Do you own your own business? That makes YOU the CEO!

Are YOU knowledgeable on a certain skill or topic in your business? Ticked that box too!

Being an expert means that you know something of value, that could help another human being get a result in their life.

  • Get somewhere faster
  • Transformation
  • More Money
  • Less Stress
  • New partner
  • Get rid of the old one
  • Become a Billionaire

Whatever your ‘one thing’ is, it means know something that someone else needs in their life.

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Pam Brossman

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How To Write A Book Self Publishing
HOW TO WRITE A BOOK Self Publishing
How To Write A Book Self Publishing
How To Write A Book Self Publishing