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Tips For Self Publishing Your Book On Amazon Fast!

Short Reads Are The New ‘Hot’ In Self Publishing

Here are a few tips on how to get that book out of your head and up on Amazon quickly:

  • Pick one topic.
  • Pick one solutions, transformation, inspiration, motivation, outcome for your ideal avatar for your book.
  • Write 15k-20k words on that topic.
  • Include engagement pieces like quotes, tips, tools, checklists etc to help get your reader a quick win [people love taking action].
  • Business books, make sure to put a call to action in the front of the book and two or three times throughout the book.
  • Give away some form of free gift to get people from your book onto your email list.
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Then cross promote each of your books at the back of your other books to get ongoing sales
  • Create book bundles
  • Do alternate promotions every month using one of your short reads as the feeder book into your other books
  • Create book upsell funnels to monetise each book

Make sure to set up your Author Central once your book is finished so that you can add your RSS feed onto Amazon and market all your blog posts on the platform.

If you are not sure what book to write first, make sure to do the FREE 60 Min Book Mapping Training and worksheet. Click here to watch the free training.

If you already have two or three book ideas ready to go and you want to make them a #1 Best Seller, make sure to secure your spot in Best Seller Influence before doors close in October.

Brenda Ann Tsiaousis

Yay!!! I am so excited.. Writing and publishing my bestseller was probably on of the best experiences ever. I loved the entire process. 

The best part ( after pressing that “launch” button) is the confidence and clarity that came to me. I have rebranded my self /business (as you can see ) and have been invited to several interviews on podcasts, have been featured on the from to page of a magazine, had an article published in a magazine, my local newspaper featured me. I was invited to speak at an inaugural event for Business Women Australia which was just amazing and I will be speaking at The Deborah Conference in November as well as Women in Focus 2018 at the end of November.

My book has enabled me to step forward and embrace my new direction. Doors have opened and beautiful connections made. I have read bits of my book to amazing women who have experience deep inner healing and transformation as a result of the rawness and open honesty in the book.

I am so excited to write again!!! so why not join me. Consider this a Call to ACTION. You know that little voice inside that says you there is something bigger within for you to become and achieve..

Listen to it 

Gosh, I’d love to work along side of you in the BSI program, share notes and celebrate your best seller. Join me. xx

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