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Sometimes you just have to ask…

When I ask people “What’s Your One Thing?”….

They usually turn around and look at me blankly and say….

“I don’t know, I do so many things in my business”.

That’s Okay, Most People Don’t Know Their One Thing!

Most people are experts at so many different things in their business, that they just cannot seem to pinpoint ‘one thing’ to be known as the expert for, when it comes to their personal brand marketing and message.

Now there are lots of different views on this topic, and I agree there is no ‘one way’ when it comes to being an Elite Expert. But in my experience, being the master of ‘one’, instead of trying to be the expert of ‘many’, makes it a LOT easier to stand out in ANY industry.

I mean think about it. If you are an expert of so many things, how is anyone ever going to see you as a ‘specialist’ of anything?

Why Do You Want To Be A Specialist?

Because that is what the elite pay for…’the best’. The are looking for a specific outcome, and they want to find the expert of that outcome.

If you are the expert of 10-20 outcomes, you become a generalist, not a specialist of anything.

Let me give you an example. If you were looking to have cosmetic dentistry done as a celebrity, model or personal brand, who would you be looking for?

  • The local dentist? Or,
  • Someone who specialises in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Who do you think would get the elite high paying clients?

  • The local dentist who does regular bulk billing? Or,
  • The Elite Cosmetic Surgeon, who only accepts Private Health Insurance?

It works the same across all industry which is why personal elite branding is so important. When you market your business, personal brand, vision, values and voice towards the exact target market that need your ‘one thing’, it is so much easier for them to find you, do business with you, and tell all your friends who are also looking for that EXACT ‘one thing’ in their life, right now, too!

Watch this week’s video and do the activity. Click below to download the cheat sheet and make a point of finding your ‘one thing’ and using it in your personal brand marketing, message and mediums starting today!

The more people who know your ‘one thing’ the easier it is to Stand Out in your industry. ¬†Trust me, it works!

If you need help figuring out your ‘one thing’, connect with me at and let’s see how we can turn that area of expertise into a complete Elite Signature Product Suite this year.

Have an amazing day …Elite Woman!

See You Next Week!
Pam Brossman
Pam Brossman

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