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I read this book twice in 2 days… a MUST READ!

If you are an entrepreneur who is working far too much and forgotten what it is like to live a lifestyle business, you are going to love this book.

If you are a solo-preneur [not allowed to use that term anymore], listen to interview to find out how this label is holding you back from growing a scale-able business, and how to fix it.

In this 1 hour podcast, yes I asked all the hard questions ladies, you will discover..

  • What EHR means and how without knowing this, it is near impossible to figure out where to focus your energy to grow a cash flow positive business.
  • How to build your own train track to success using James 12 week stations
  • How to get started outsourcing the stuff that is stopping you from growing your business
  • The perfect model for women in business to get reoccurring income and build a lifestyle business model they love
  • What not to focus on if you want to catapult your business in 2018
  • So many gold nuggets in this interview…trust me you will want to listen.

Plus if you have not already grabbed a copy, get James’ brand new #1 Best Seller, his companion workbook, plus the bonus chapter on ‘owning the racecourse’, it is brilliant. Steve and I have downloaded all the worksheets and remodelling out business project for 2018.

If you want to Work Less, Make More in 2018, listen to James’ 10 years experience… you will be glad you did.

You can find out more about James Schramko and his mentoring programs at

Pam Brossman
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Pam Brossman

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