8k Free Traffic Using Pinterest in 2019 Update 12 Jan 19

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How I Got Over 300 FREE Leads, 8k Traffic and 424k Unique Views With Pinterest Marketing 

I just shared this result on Facebook and thought these Pinterest Marketing idea may interest you too.

This is why I did the experiment… and also why I am going to teach my 
ICANHQ.com women entrepreneurs how to do the same thing in Feb 2019.

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There’s a Huge Problem


The gurus have outgrown their lists!

It’s true! How many strategies have you received in your inbox in the last 2 years that did not revolve around a huge FB Advertising Budget?
For the last 12-18 months all of my mentors, and those who have surpassed the million dollar or multi-million dollar mark in their information businesses, have left a HUGE gap in the market…

Most of them have outgrown their own lists of solopreneurs, start-up entrepreneurs, Mumpreneurs and information marketers because they are unable to implement their paid advertising  success strategies… which is why Pinterest Marketing is becoming so popular with women bloggers

It’s Not The Guru’s Fault

You would have to agree that it is not actually their fault that people could not keep up with the FB advertising success wave. They were just in the right place at the right time and catapulted into another level so far ahead of their audience and followers.

Unfortunately, that left few mentors and strategies to help the masses that did not have the team or financial cash flow to implement their paid advertising success systems.

In fact, truth be known, word on the street these days from 95% of the millionaire marketers online is….

If you are NOT using Paid Traffic to grow your business, it is time to go back to your day job.

Sadly,  I was seeing more and more women entrepreneurs flailing, feeling defeated, frustrated and seriously thinking of giving up…

Having struggled to master paid traffic, or have any paid traffic guru able to help me figure it out myself, I too felt your pain…

Being the solution focused person that I am… I went in search of another way for women solopreneurs to grow their business so they eventually would be able to catch up and catapult using paid traffic too.

The Gurus Are Right!

Paid traffic is the fastest way to get results in your business. That is the honest truth… However, if you do not have $10k-$20k-$30k a month testing budget… that leaves most people high and dry.

Because the costs of FB ads have gone through the roof. Unless you have a huge positive cash flow budget sitting in your bank account, while you’re waiting for your testing to deliver  a positive ROI from your advertising spend. There is little room for you to play the paid advertising game.


I decided to see if I could help my fellow women solopreneurs and went in search of another way to drive qualified leads to your business.

I will be honest, it does take a little while longer to get results using Pinterest Marketing strategies. However, it’s free and it is a whole lot better than giving up on your dreams… so it may be perfect for you to have a try too!


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Thanks For Sharing


It was getting close to Christmas so I did not know how well this experiment would work.

I started the experiment around the first week of November. Had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, which is probably good, because it means I was in the exact position of most of my students.

Please be aware, I am a very integrity based mentor and I will ALWAYS test something myself before I will EVER teach a strategy. My rule of thumb is… if you cannot master it… don’t teach it.

Anyway …. here are my results so far… See Picture Below. That was taken before it went crazy first two weeks of January. 

My current stats as of 12/1/19 are

  • Over 300 Free Leads
  • 424k Unique views on Pinterest
  • 16k engagement on traffic
  • 8k free traffic to my website
  • Growing daily

Note: I built my website myself and unfortunately for me I am not a techie person. Which is why for the last 2 years I have had no Google Analytics working on my website. I thought it was working, however, I never bothered to check.

Pinterest Marketing Tips 2019


I know, don’t call me a dumb brunette, I have called myself that at least 30 times since finding out myself.

Because I was using pixels and FB stats only to run my business in the past, it was just something I never bothered to check. DUH ME!

So, the reason that the stats on my Google Analytics start at zero in October 2018.. is because that is when I found out I did not have it working on my site.

**New Year Resolution, outsource GEEK stuff so this does not happen again**.

Why I decided to do this experiment:

  • I had minimal traffic to my site as I was not a blogger and focused all my traffic building on social media more than driving traffic to my website outside of product launches.
  • I stumbled on this woman by accident about 4 months ago and could not believe the results she was getting totally with FREE traffic.
  • So being the marketer that I am, I reversed engineered her income report, which was in a niche I was not familiar with.
  • This woman was earning $3m in just 18 mths, with a skill set that I could do in my sleep [WAKE UP CALL];
  • I decided to have a go using a similar system [she had a huge list advantage, so I had to take that into account with her results].
  • However, she had built that list with purely ORGANIC FREE TRAFFIC, which got my attention.
  • Note prior to this experiment I had zero engagement on this platform as I only hung out on Facebook.

Now this platform is my #1 traffic source bringing in exactly 94.9% of my current traffic [I know, amazing!]. FB was the other 5%.

My results in last 6 weeks:

  • 190K monthly views [vanity metric don’t get excited, not all my views, this is a cumulative number that is very important to influencer marketing, not much else].
  • 8.8k monthly engaged to my website [does not match Google Analytics data, however I am over the moon with the leads and traffic results].
  • Silly me decided to model the wrong strategy and was only focusing on traffic not lead generation when I first started this experiment. That was before I knew she had a huge list. That is when I started my own strategy.
  • I still went from almost no traffic to 4K visitors to my site in less than 6 weeks doing this one simple daily strategy that took me about 10 mins per day.
  • I was not sending them all to my lead magnet. I was testing different traffic audiences to my journals, Amazon, blog posts, books, specials, coupons etc to see which worked the best.
  • That’s when I realised I needed to capture some of this free traffic as they were not coming from Facebook, so there was no retargeting them with my FB pixel, unless they were on both platforms.
  • So I quickly put up a lead magnet to leverage this  traffic. I will be honest at first it was a bit slow, as I did not understand what I was doing.
  • After hanging out in some blogger groups I soon understood the system and that’s when things started to change.
  • Currently, I have over 100 leads in last 3 weeks totally free… not a huge amount, however, apparently the momentum ripple happens after about 12 weeks. [ It has been going crazy last couple of days].
  • During this time I turned some of that traffic, into just short of $3k in sales.
  • This was not part of the experiment, however was a welcomed bonus that I thought I would test last minute to see if it was buyer traffic.
  • Still heavily testing this new market, will know more in about 8 weeks.

Why am I telling you this?

If you have been struggling with getting leads and traffic to your website.

Or, you currently do not have a budget for testing endless Facebook ads [which most of my students don’t have]…

Then this FREE organic strategy may work for you too. This is very much a volume based low end model, which is perfect for solopreneurs without a huge paid ads budget…

There is a lot more to it, and I am still fine tuning what is working… however I think for many of you it would be worth giving a go.

Please know that I am by no means an expert on this platform. This was just a simple experiment. However, the first results are very promising and if this keeps going I believe it will be a huge part of my marketing strategy in 2019.

However, I am prepared to share this with my serious women entrepreneurs in my brand new Monthly Momentum Success Hub for Women  launching Feb 4th called  ICANHQ.com

If you would like to know more about my brand new program make sure to
pre-register as doors are opening very soon in January.

I look forward to helping you grow your business, brand, lists and income in 2019…

Everything in business is trial and error…. and this one has been a huge success so far… why not have a go, you never know unless you test it.

Biggest Lessons Learned In The Experiment:

  • Give it a try, don’t sit back and watch others succeed;
  • Follow other people’s success clues;
  • Don’t give up too early [I nearly canned it because Christmas week was so slow];
  • Always find the problem and become the solution for others [that is where the biggest financial gains are found];
  • Believe in your destination and be prepared for mistakes and take detours[Trust me I have made tonnes… Google Analytics Major Stuff Up];

Always start each day saying I CAN


If you want to join us in I Can HQ in Feb pre-register at http://ICANHQ.com

Doors open soon and we start 4th Feb….
Word for the year is FUN and YES = Your Exponential Success.

Have an amazing day!

PPS. YES I will go through this strategy step by step in ICANHQ.com and even give you a template to have a go yourself. I want you to succeed which is why I am creating my own I CAN Success Movement of Women Entrepreneurs who will be able to leverage each other’s Zone of Genius and catapult your business faster.


I Can HQ Mentoring Program For Women Entrepreneurs
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