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There are SO many niches when it comes to blogging.  Sadly, so many people get stuck on what topics to turn into an eBook that people will want to buy. Today I wanted to share with you some ideas that will help you get started.

Don’t forget to watch Day 3 as I am going to share with you some of the Best places to find hot topics in your blog niche. Okay here are some great eBook ideas.

#1 Frequently Asked Questions

This is by far the easiest eBook to write and one that I did with my book
21 Ways To Boost Your Business With A Book, one of my #1 Best Sellers on Amazon.

Marketing Tip: Did you see what I just did then? I introduced you to a book, based on something that may be helpful to you. Something that I have written [a book], that you can purchase, and I would earn 100% of the income on my site or 70% on Amazon. I will teach you more about this towards Day 10. 

Back to eBook ideas…

Every one of you get asks questions daily on your blogs, social media and even sometimes on Pinterest. I tend to focus my market research on the comments and questions that I get on my blog posts or Facebook the most.

Especially if you have a ‘How To’ blog’… they are the BEST blogs to turn into paying eBook customers.

In the Blog Self Publishing course I give you templates to map out your eBook so that it is super easy to plan, prepare and publish. Whether you choose to sell it on Amazon and ride their traffic. Or, sell it from your own website, and keep it all for yourself, is totally up to you.

Blog Self Publishing


Visual books are by far my favourite and I think you will love them too.

So many bloggers, especially food bloggers, lifestyle, design and travel bloggers, usually have very visual topics and content. These are my favourite because they are the easiest by far to create.

#2 Visual eBooks

Whether you want to sell it on your own website, or on Amazon [I highly recommend you leverage both].

Why? Because of the Google juice you get from the Amazon platform.

Amazon is the #1 Platform in the world where people go to buy books and other things. That is why so many bloggers are affiliates for Amazon Associates as part of their income strategy for their blogs.

Plus, there is Author Central [my favourite], and I tell you more about this later around Day 9.

You are going to Love Author Central, the marketing opportunities for bloggers is fantastic!

What most people don’t realise is that you can turn your beautiful recipes, travel tips, beauty and fashion tips into eBooks that people are prepared to buy.

Why would people pay, when it is on your site for free?


How many times have you found a blog post, and then clicked on the internal links in that blog post that took you to another tip, another strategy, another post?

That is all part of the SEO link strategy… I know I get it. From a blogger perspective, that is fabulous.

From a visitor and user perspective, who has to find their way back to where they started, it is a spiderweb nightmare.

This is where marketing 101 comes in…Pain to Pleasure.

You have 10 – 20 amazing recipes that I want to use over and over again. How much easier would it be if I could pay to have them all in one really pretty eBook. Instead of always having to go searching for them in your blog archives?

I would pay for that convenience. Why?

Because I am a time poor entrepreneur Mum. Someone who’d love to be able to upload your pdf recipe book onto my ipad, click on it whenever I was in the kitchen, and regularly try one of your amazing recipes.

  • I don’t have to find you on the internet
  • I don’t have to try and find that one recipe I found two weeks earlier

Everything I want is all right there at my fingertips to use over and over again.

People PAY for convenience, ease and simplicity. The more you make my life simpler, the more I will spend.

That is why you create an eBook [book if hosted on Amazon]. To make getting an outcome, pleasure, desire or result easier for your visitors. The bonus is, you get paid to make them happy at the same time 🙂

Customer is happy, you are happy and your bank balance is even happier…WIN/WIN/WIN.

There is no limit to what you can do with your content, zone of genius and passion. This How To Make Money From Your Blog with an eBook series is all about getting you excited about the income possibilities for you to try with your own blogs in the New Year.

Are you getting excited yet?

Making eBooks to sell is easy and fun!

In the Blog Self Publishing course I teach you how to use an amazing FREE tool that no one else is using to make beautiful books to sell on Amazon. [Remember there are some rules you have to abide by when posting on Amazon with free existing content].

I cover all the dos and don’ts in the course, trust me, it is all super easy to do… which is why I have 13 books 🙂

Or, if you don’t want to sell on Amazon, and want to create beautiful eBooks, then you can create them in about 2-3 hours. You can even sell different eBooks, on different topics, categories, niches etc. No limits to your income capabilities.

How cool is that?

Wait till I tell you about the sponsorship income opportunities on Day 10…super duper awesome!

You will see at the bottom of this page some of my #1 Best Sellers. Some of them are on Amazon, some of them I sell on my own site in bundles.

There are so many ways to monetize your blog posts with books, eBooks, courses and so much more.

The most exciting part is, you already have the content…and you already have the traffic…YIPPEE!

Blog Self Publishing

#3 Step by Step or Blog Series

This is also another super easy way to get started with your first eBook…

Don’t forget to watch Day 3 as I am going to share with you some of the Best places to find hot topics in your blog niche.

Here’s another great eBook idea…

#3 Blog Post Series

This is probably the fastest way to get your first ebook created using existing content. There is pros and cons to this strategy, however the pros, far out way the cons. If you are a time poor Mummy blogger this may be the perfect one for you.

As part of my blogger market research I noticed that many bloggers were doing category or niche topic blog series to attract a specific audience or traffic to their blog.

This is very smart marketing, because it allows you to really leverage #tags on places like Pinterest and Instagram when sending highly targeted traffic to your blog. I don’t hang out on Insta much, however, I love Pinterest. 

The thing is, once again, it becomes another spiderweb for the customer. Especially if it is ‘How To’ content whereby the customer needs to keep coming back to the post over and over again.

That’s where taking those existing ‘How To’ posts and turning them into one simple eBook for the customer to consume in their own time. Makes it the perfect ‘paying’ item to sell on your blog.


I know, I get this question over and over again. That is fine. Those who are happy to browse and search through the free content will do so. However, those who can’t be bothered going through the spider web every time they want to refer back to your content, will be happy to pay.

PLUS, I always add some extra ‘secret sauce’, that is only view-able to those who purchase the ebook.

I will talk more about ‘secret sauce’ later in the series. Yes I did do this as a series on purpose and yes you CAN fast track the process by grabbing the ‘Blog Self Publishing Course at 50% off.

Marketing Tip: Always let the customer decide. Never assume that they are not willing to pay to fast track their results or have the convenience of access at their fingertips.


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